Amanda Puskar Photography | What to Expect - Family Session


Family Session

Preparing for the session:

  • Since you have decided to book your family session with our Studio, these are a few items that you may be asking yourself.  If the following details don't answer your questions, please contact me.


What to Wear:

  • You don't know how many times I get asked this question!  Its ok, I will walk you thru some steps to ensure you feel comfortable and fabulous on your session day!  First ask yourself, 'Is there a theme I am going for?'  Such as urban, grunge, classic, lively etc.  I always encourage color!  Of course there is nothing wrong with the classic white and jean or white and khaki, but nothing beats color!  If you are scheduled for a sunset beach session, then you have so many colors to choose from. Second, ask yourself 'Where are these images going to hang?'.  That is a big question!  Are you planning on purchasing a canvas or making a whole wall display out of your family images?  If so, what are the colors in the room you are looking at putting the images in?  Most times you don't want to match the room exactly.  A nice contrasting color is great. Third, ask yourself, 'What is my family's favorite color?'.  That one may seem strange, but if you are the only one in the family that loves pink and you dress yourself and three boys in pink, they may not want to smile very well. 


  • Now that we have those three questions answered, lets get to planning what you want to wear.  Remember -- color is GREAT!  Below are a few clothing options that I put together.  These are just examples of how colors go together but don't have to match exactly.  All the items in the following are from and


What is the session like:

  • If we are at the beach location, you can expect the session to last about 45 minutes.  We will begin by getting to know everyone in your group.  If children are involved, we take a bit longer to get to know them and their personalities before beginning the session.  Don't worry, we always meet earlier than we start shooting to allow for this time.  Once everyone is ready, we start at the sand dunes.  Remember, the sand dunes in Panama City Beach are protected and not allowed to be walked on.  We will not disturb them.  Instead we will sit at the bottom of them in the sand.  From the sand dunes we will begin heading down to the water.  We will do several posed family shots, along with some non posed ones.  Then I will take 15 minutes to chase the kids around.  Children don't always want to sit and pose, and it is easier to capture them in their element.  Many times when we get the children happy and smiling we "throw" mom and dad in the picture then.  So we always need to be on our toes.


  • If we are at Rosemary Beach or Downtown Panama City Locations, you can expect to walk some.  The session is still about 45 minutes but during this time we will be walking from our meeting point to other areas that may interest us.  The architecture in both places is amazing and I love to use this in our images.  Don't worry, we won't be walking a marathon, but if you are planning on wearing high heels, maybe bring a pair of flats to wear as we walk.


Illness and Weather:

  • Since most of our family sessions are outside, this may be an important thing to note.  I will reschedule sessions that got rained out if it is raining or storming.  Sometimes, during our busy season, the only option for moving a session is to another time of day.  If we do get rained out, I ask that you be flexible with your schedule as I am with mine.  We want everyone to be happy and pleased with their images.  


  • Weather forecast's here in Florida cannot always be reliable, so unless you hear from me the day of your session, we are still scheduled.  Some of the best light is when it is cloudy.  If it is storming however, we will need to reschedule.


  • If someone in your family is ill and you need to reschedule, we will move it to the next open calendar date and time available. 


After the session:

  • Culling, Editing and Viewing:  I spend time going through your images looking for the very best images we captured. I narrow it down to between 25-30 images.  Once I have selected the best images I begin editing each individual image.  It takes about 2 weeks to have all your images fully edited.  As soon as I have finished your session edits, I will post 1 image of my choosing on the Amanda Puskar Photography Facebook Fan Page.  This will enable you to view the image and showcase it to your friends.  At this time, I will also contact you for the delivery of your download link.


  • Download Link: All my sessions come with a session download link.  These images are sized for printing of 11x14 or smaller. I will provide the usage license so that you can print your images at the lab of your choose without any hassle.


  • Printing: When you receive the download link, there are a few things you need to know.  1) all images on the link are sized for prints of 11x14 or smaller.   2) I have edited and processed your images and  I truly believe they are perfect the way they are.  If you forget to tell your lab to NOT "auto-correct" (usually it is just checking or unchecking a box when ordering), then they will add saturation and contrast to your images.  These prints will NOT resemble the images I have provided to you on your CD. 3) I suggest for your printing.  They are a reasonable professional lab.  Remember, in printing your own images, you get what you pay for.

If you have any questions, please contact me at