We're Back {Birmingham, AL and Panama City, FL Photographer}

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We're back!! (in action) 

Hello everyone!  As many of you have noticed, our Facebook Page has been quite active lately.  Truth is, since late June, I have been contemplating opening our doors back up. We may have only had a few months off (well, really a few weeks), but it really was too long. I thought I could really stay away from shooting - keep the business closed and just work my full time job that I love.  Turns out, I love and miss shooting too much! (and I miss all of you and your kiddos too!) 

This year has definitely been a trying one - not only for us and our studio but for everyone in the Panama City area.  I cannot believe that it has been almost 1 year since Hurricane Michael destroyed so much from our lives.  There is still so much from that day that I remember and will always remember so vividly.  And for so long I was so sad for what we lost.  And although there are still days that are a struggle, life is moving in an upward motion!  Having so much change and instability has created much adaptability and awareness of what needs to happen.  For this I am very thankful.  I am thankful that so many of you have stuck by us and have "waited" for us.  Having faith that one day we would shoot again for your family/ children. Ya'll are awesome! 


Enough of that! Let's get back to We're Back! :) 

As exciting as being back up is, things are still going to be different.  We still live in Birmingham, AL and don't plan on changing that.  BUT we will be shooting in Panama City as well. As session requests come in we will adjust as needed, but currently this will be our schedule:

One weekend a month, every other month, each city.

In September we will start with Panama City, FL.  Those sessions are happening at Eden Gardens (since they still have trees :) ) And they are already completely booked.

October we will start in Birmingham, AL.  Those sessions are not yet open for booking. But they will be soon, so stay tuned to our Facebook Page. 

November we will be back in Panama City, FL for the start of the Holiday Session Season!  I have not yet decided where these sessions will take place, however, that information will be posted here on our blog and on our Facebook Page.  So be on the look out.  Our Panama City sessions are booking fast!

December we will start our Birmingham, AL Holiday Session Season and continue that thru to Panama City mid December.  

Right now, we are going to see how this schedule works.  If all goes well, this will be the new trend.  If it turns out that we don't need to come as often or more often, we will make adjustments.  


I am excited!  I feel like these last few months have really let me rest and gear up for a great fall season.  You will notice that although our outside style has not changed, we are not taking on children or milestone studio sessions right now- those sessions can still be booked, but they will be shot on location.   We will still be shooting on locations with trees, water, rivers, mountains, houses etc.  But for our studio sessions, we will only be shooting our Wrapped Newborn Sessions in your own home on a studio set. We will come to you for the session and use a small corner of your living room/ dining room etc. as our set. This is new for us, as we have had a studio building for many years.  But we feel that this would work best, for now.  Please keep in mind, these sessions will book fast as there is a limited number of in-home sessions available each month.


Let's talk about what we have been up to since October 2018!  So much has happened!  Here are a few pictures of some highlights!  

First, we got Annie.  A black Goldendoodle.  She is just the best dog.  After the storm, with so much change and depression (just being honest here folks!) I needed something... I just wasn't sure what.  And then I found Annie.  She is my Annie girl.  She goes to work with me every day.  She has learned Sit, Shake, Lay, Leave It and we are working on Stay.  She is 7 months old and weighs over 55lbs.  She is going to be a big girl!


you see she works very hard during the day! :) 


Her and her crazy hair!


Must wear a scarf and a bow every day. 


Ok- last one of Miss Annie... Promise! 

Next, Ella had her first formal dance this spring.


Jeremey and I toured our new community and went to Paws on the Patio at our favorite hang out.


Jeremey and I spent our Anniversary weekend kid free in Chattanooga, TN.  We had the best time.  Of course we hit the zoo and walked around down by the river.  We also took a riverboat cruise.  A few weeks later we took the kids to the TN Aquarium and rode the riverboat one more time.  Such a great weekend.



Recently for a grant that I wrote for my full time job, I was given the opportunity to go to Tuscaloosa to meet Nick Saban and some players.  That was so much fun!  We had a luncheon in a huge sky box at the stadium.  I got autographs and even a picture with coach himself!  In this picture you will see myself, my co-worker, Tripp and two of our Therapy Teams.  It was such a fun time!  The stadium picture is actually the view from the sky box!

W15W15 W13W13 W14W14

Of course they had these amazing cookies too.  Well, I think they were amazing.  They were cute anyway.  I no longer eat sweets, so I took a picture and handed it off to Tripp!

Another fun weekend getaway that Jeremey and I had was to OH for Memorial Day.  It was a super short trip but we were able to visit with family which was super nice!


Annnnddd.... Almost done!  Ella, now that she is 15, finally is getting her learner's permit, so we took her driving in our apartment complex.  YIKES!  I don't know if we should trust her yet!



I think that is all the fun we had for now!  But don't worry, we have tons of stuff planned for this coming fall!  I feel a new bop in my step... We're Back!!



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