Thank you so much for stopping by!

My name is Amanda, and I am the owner and photographer at Amanda Puskar Photography.  Our studio serves Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas.  You might be wondering how that came to be.... Here is a brief history of our studio!


Amanda Puskar Photography opened in 2011.  Our beginning was much like any other photographers.  Learn, grow and shoot whatever/ whoever you can to keep evolving. During our first year of business, our "studio" sessions were held in our tiny beach apartment in the living room after we relocated all the furniture to the kitchen.  If you have been with me that long, you know exactly what I am talking about. It worked at the time, but looking back- I don't know how we did it! 

Our next stop along our journey was our home studio which was actually a 10x15 shed that we converted into a studio.  It was perfect- for a very short while.  We very quickly outgrew that space and moved up to our 1st downtown Panama City space.  It had a storage room and large main shooting room along with a separate newborn room and office.  It really was a great space, minus the palmetto bugs! Haha!

Then in September 2018 we moved to a very large and private building with enough room for so many specialties.  Unfortunately, we were only able to enjoy about 3 weeks in our new space when Hurricane Michael came and destroyed it and most of what was in it.  My family and I also lost our home during that storm.  This begins our Birmingham story.  We relocated to Birmingham, AL in October 2018.  

We did have a small studio here for a few months but decided that it wasn't the best time to start all over.  Several months later, I am back and refreshed.  It has almost been 1 year since that horrible storm changed so many lives forever, and I am ready to have my camera in hand!  For the time being, we will shoot every other month, one weekend a month in Birmingham, AL and every other month, one weekend a month in Panama City, FL. I am excited.  I am refreshed.  I am ready for your sessions!


Now that I have told you a bit about the history of the studio, let me tell you a little about me.  

*I have been shooting for over 13 years.  

*I am married to my partner in crime and business partner, Jeremey, who comes on all sessions with me.  

*We have 3 children.  Ella, 15.  Kayleigh, 13. And Ethan, 12.  

*We have three dogs, Ruby, Starla and Annie.  

*When I am not shooting or at my full time job during the week, you can find me at the zoo staring at the giraffes or feeding the birds.  Or possibly curled up on the couch with a good book and my Annie girl. 

*I am completely obsessed with all things Disney. 

*I get to work at my full time job in an office full of dogs <3 and I get to bring my Annie with me to work every day.

*I am learning everyday to love my new life in AL.


I am so glad you stopped by!  I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or just want to say hi!  Shoot me an email!